An Escort’s First Time Experience

Victoria was in her first year of college and she knew that soon she would be forced to drop out if her struggles with fees continued. Her father was sick and his heart condition had gotten worse and so her mother was working her socks off to raise money for his hospital bills. Her younger siblings Marcus and Patricia were also in school and they all knew that the situation would only get worse with time. These struggles and need for money had led Victoria to escorts in London.

She walked in and from the first instant he saw her, he knew she was perfect. She had long black hair and the makeup on her face was barely noticeable, but her high cheekbones and pretty eyes were obvious. Her lips were pouty and there was no doubting her beauty. She had well-shaped breasts which looked a bit too big for a girl of her size, a tiny waist, well-toned thighs and a shapely ass. He had seen a few sexy escorts before, but he could not believe his luck in landing her.

She was scared and unsure of her next move since this was her first official client as an escort. Luke quickly got up, welcomed her in, and led her to his bedroom. He was tall and with better than average looks, you would expect him to have no trouble getting a girlfriend but in his young career as a doctor, it was hard to find time to interact with ladies. Most evenings found him too tired to make conversations with girls and so he had resorted to getting action from escorts. Eventually, Victoria opened up to him and confided that she was new and in fact she had only had sex once before-with an ex-boyfriend who she broke up with soon afterwards once she found out that he had other girls.

Luke promised to take it slow and make the sex as comfortable as possible for her. She then stood up, kicked off her heels and slowly took off her satin top. All this while Luke lay back in bed, his eyes patiently roving over her back. She seemed to have a new-found courage and security and seemed relieved knowing that she was giving herself to a nice and modest person and not just a beast with raging hormones as she had previously thought would be the case. His mind was already conjuring all manner of thoughts and the idea of getting hold of such a young, innocent and sexy body was almost too much for him. He wanted to do her in all positions. He wanted to turn that perfectly curved ass in all possible positions and hit her for the whole night, even if it meant skipping work. He was prepared to do anything. Yet he had promised to take it slow.

By the time she rolled the miniskirt off of her body, Luke had already taken off his pants. He had a routine where he let his pants remain on till the escort finished undressing, and the escort would then come and remove his pants before sucking him off. This night however, was different, and so was the girl standing naked in his room before him. He stood up and grabbed Victoria by the waist and furiously attacked her inviting lips and after passionately kissing and touching for about 15 minutes, proceeded to the bed where he instructed her to suck his dick. The sensations that he was getting were completely foreign to him and for the first time it was like, his emotions, his mind and his body were all in sync. It was like discovering a totally new dimension to life. He then spooned her and she responded by holding his dick and guiding it to her wet pussy. When he finally got inside her, they both moaned and for Victoria, nothing had ever felt better. It was so new, so raw and she was sure that she had tapped into a part of her that she never thought existed. She felt filthy and so dirty yet she loved it so much. Luke fucked her from behind in slow and fluid motions, turning her from one side to another and sometimes letting her warm body rest on top of his. He did not want to stop.

When they were done, Victoria looked at him and she knew that she had already bonded with him. She felt disappointed that she had to forget about the night and move on to other clients and it was evident in her eyes. She had never been touched and fucked like this before and she was scared. She was scared that she had liked it too much and that she had already developed a strong bond with Luke. She went to the shower and when she came out, Luke watched her get dressed before going to give her a long and lust-filled parting kiss. They planned to meet again in a few days, as Luke had decided that she was going to be his pick from then on out.…